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Concours d'Attelage Beaufay
28 to 29 april 2018
La Sellerie Percheronne sera présente le Dimanche 29 avril
Concours d'Attelage Rennes La Prévalaye
18 to 20 may 2018
La Sellerie Percheronne sera présente tout le week-end !
Concours d'Attelage International de Saumur
08 to 10 june 2018
La Sellerie Percheronne sera présente tout le weekend !

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Phone : (+33) 2 54 80 74 17
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We have made best quality harnesses for thirty years and we have developed a large range of french made harnesses for leasure, sport, competition, show. Harnesses are made to measure.
We work with suppliers such as Zilco or Ideal Equestrian, harnesses of high quality, famous in Europe and all around the world for show carriage, competitions novice drivers.

Our production
English Collar
English Collar

We made by a traditional way, English collar made to measure in french leather and rye straw. 

Harness Restoration
Harness Restoration

We give you the opportunity to restore your harness:

- restoration of leather

- polishing of buckles

- manufacturing of pieces identically (exactly as it was)

Show Harness
Show Harness

Beautiful harness, perfect for presentation, show or leasure.

Traces, hip straps and other different pieces are doubled and domed.

All this range is made in our workshop.

You can also add your proper monograms.

Realizable with buckles in brass, nickel silver, inox and in leather black or chestnut. 

Tradition Harness
Tradition Harness

Refined harness of high quality

Made according to traditional methods of Sellerie Percheronne.

All the leathers are doubled and domed.

Throatlatch and alliance blinkers are round sewn. 

We can also made it based on an engraving or an old harness. 

Perfect harness for show or competition. 

Training or Leasure Harness
Training or Leasure Harness

Harness in chrome leather with Open or Close blinkers, noseband and browband doubled calf

Inox buckles

Strong and Workable harness from our French home made. 


Halter made in leather in France in our workshop

Available in all size

Underhalters available in white, black, brown and chrome.