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Animal Power
Close to draught horses for a long time, thirty-years ago they decided to create a large range of products. Especially dedicated to their horses: such as modern and sophisticated collars, breast bands, harnesses to make the work easier for the horse and the man too.
All this products are made in France with french material.

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 Espedis 9.5 Kg
Espedis 9.5 Kg

Collar advanced made by our conception in France.

Work collar, with lot of width and height 's possible adjustment 

An opening of 180°

( Pictures taken during our participation at the exhibition Tech&Bio)

1390 €
Bag Dung
Bag Dung

2 different types of bags:

- simple one

- strengthened one



Simple One : 110 euros 

Strengthened One: 225 euros 

Bell boots for draught horses
Bell boots for draught horses

Home made, bell boots in leather with velcro closure 

Size: For draught horses

Color: black or brown

98 €

We made different types of briddle.

- Briddle with browband, throatlatch and without blinkers.  (Available in white or brown)

- Briddle without  throatlatch and blinkers. (Available in brown and black)

- Bit's holder: without browband, without blinkers, without throatlatch ( Available in black)

Collar Agilis
Collar Agilis

Same model as Espedis.

Lighter, with hulls of magnesium and pieces in  titane 

Collars from our conception made in France in our workshop.

1690 €
dependant lifting
dependant lifting

Lifting in Inox , light, removable for transport with a tie rail, rigid and adjusting in angle

Which makes raised the pull line to ensure that the reins don't touch the ground.

Designed for vine work conditions 

Price of the lifting, sold without the harness

420 €
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